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To All Fake Reviewers

We recently see there are so many fake reviews websites is using our name to promote their untrustworthy websites to get sales from the visitors of our pharmacy and we would like to make a statement on our website to those who do this.

Those websites are complaining about our pharmacy but those websites do not even have any contact details or phone number or even email system doesn't work in those websites. They simply want to drive traffic in the easy way to their advertiser so they can get commission from them for the sales they get.

There are several ways to check if the pharmacy is good enough to buy their medications. First, they should have better way to communicate with their customers like phone number, live chat & email support. Fake websites won't provide these to their customers and even they don't respond to their customers properly.

They are promoting their own untrustworthy pharmacy websites using our pharmacy healpharmacy.com in google search because our pharmacy is bigger than theirs and we have many customers as you can see the result in google search.

We cannot do anything to those websites rather than keep doing our work because these days anyone can write anything in internet about anyone.