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Generic Propecia (Finasteride) 5mg x $0.90 x 120 Pills

Generic Propecia (Finasteride) 5mg x $0.90 x 120 Pills
Propecia Finasteride- Medical Facts You Should Know About This Drug!

What is Propecia Finasteride?

The active ingredient of the drug Propecia is finasteride. It is used to treat androgenetic alopecia. This is a form of male pattern baldness. The drug is used to decrease the levels of DHT in the body. Decreasing the levels of DHT stops hair loss and also improves hair regrowth.

It works in such a way that inhibits metabolisation of testosterone. The drug also prevents conversion of testosterone into DHT. Thus the drug stops hair loss and also effectively treats benign prostatic cancer.

How to use the drug?

You should read the instruction manual of the drug for precise details of dosage. You should take Propecia with the instructions of the pharmacist. You should consume the drug orally before or after food. You should take the drug once daily unless otherwise instructed by your doctor.

Pregnant mothers should avoid the drug. You should use the drug at regular intervals to derive maximum benefit from it. You should be patient with the drug. It might take up to three months to show evident results. Do not stop the drug abruptly without consulting your doctor.

Do not overdose yourself with the drug if you miss a dose. You should take the drug as soon as you remember it and then continue with the regular schedule from next day.

Any special precautions/ contraindications

You should inform your doctor about your allergies before starting Propecia. You should give complete information about your medical history to your doctor before starting the drug. If you have a medical history of urinary problem, prostate cancer or liver diseases then do not take the drug without consulting a medical expert.

Children and women should not use Propecia. It is strictly warned that pregnant or lactating mothers should not handle the drug because it might be absorbed by the skin. You should inform your doctor about all prescription and non-prescription drugs that you may be taking before starting the medication.

Keep it out of reach of children and pets. Store the drug away from direct heat and sunlight. The drug might affect PSA test therefore inform your doctor about medication of the drug before going for the test.

5 top benefits of this product

Propecia is a very popular drug to treat “crowning baldness” in men. You should use the drug regularly to derive maximum benefit from the drug. The important benefits of the drug are:

• It effectively works on enlarged prostate.
• It eases urinary problems increasing free flow of urine.
• It improves hair growth in men.
• It also brings back lost hair with proper treatment.
• It is a popular remedy for hormone replacement therapy.

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